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Common Repair

Have you ever been driving your 2007-2014 Jaguar XK8 and noticed water coming out from underneath your glove box? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The 2007-2014 Jaguar XK Series with the 5.0-liter engine has an AC drain that expels the condensation that accumulates due to your AC system, right above the transmission. The drain is shaped like a duck bill and is designed to open and close when water pressure builds and falls in the hose, well over time that AC drain hose clogs up for various reasons and forces all the water back up to the passenger side floor board. This causes more problems like nasty mildew and mold growth in the carpet and in some extreme cases, the water build-up can short out your AC blower and leave your car hot and stinky!



There are two ways you can attack this job you can either

  1. Remove the whole dash from inside the car and access the drain tube from above.
  2. You can put the car on a lift physically remove the transmission from the car and access the tube from underneath the car. (Victor’s preferred method)    

Victor’s Service Center offers a solution to this problem; instead of replacing the AC drain hose with the factory part, we have designed a new hose that will constantly stay open. This new hose will ensure that your passengers can stop wearing a bathing suit every time they ride with you! Call us soon to make your appointment to ensure that XK retains its value for years to come!

Next what about the common story of what can happen while traveling:

This family was traveling from Las Vegas to Goliad Texas. As they were traveling through San Antonio, they heard a noise coming from their vehicle…

There is nothing worse than being on the road and having car/truck/auto trouble.

The family quickly googled a repair shop and were lucky they found Victor’s Service Center.

Victor’s Service Center had their truck finished up within a day and had them back on the road!

Never let your car get this nasty…



even if it looks like your car is nice and pretty on the outside, it could be nasty on the inside.